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This is an older article about development science which used to be called nutritional balancing. It will help you understand where development science came and how it works. Development science in this article is referred to as nutritional balancing which was the original name.

Where did it come from?  

Nutritional balancing science was developed by a brilliant mineral researcher, Dr Paul C. Eck in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Being an open minded reader of esoteric science books he was able to synthesise many different ideas and concepts from varying sciences and unite them to form one integrated healing approach aimed at being non-toxic and increasing vitality levels.

He drew upon many different work’s of the 20th century including Hans Seyle’s stress theory of disease, George Watsons oxidation types, Melvin Page’s sympathetic and parasympathetic balancing, William Albrecht’s agricultural sciences and more.

The epitome of his work was discovering a unique way to interpret a properly performed hair mineral analysis, to then recommend certain dietary supplements and food choices with mathematical precision.

The application of these recommendations causes the available energy to the bodies cells to increase so drastically that it’s own built in healing mechanisms are then activated and deep healing is allowed to proceed.

Where is nutritional balancing now? 

Since Dr Eck’s passing on in 1996, a right hand man and friend of Dr Eck, Dr Lawrence Wilson has continued this work and expanded it to suit the current day health situation of 21st century earth which include increased pollution and vitamin/mineral deficient diets.

He has kept in place the founding principles of nutritional balancing discovered by Dr Eck but has added to it detoxification procedures, a mental exercise, a few supplements and certain dietary recommendations.  This has enhanced the work of Dr Eck’s programmes and made them more suited to the current age we live in.




It starts with a hair mineral analysis (HMA) – Every programme is set up using a properly performed hair mineral analysis that has not been washed at the laboratory, this is crucial so that important minerals do not get washed out of the hair.

Then we analyse – After this has been performed, the unique interpretation of a HMA, developed by Dr Eck, tells us about your oxidation rate, key mineral ratios, thyroid and adrenal gland activity, toxic metals (ones that show and ones that are hidden in the body), carbohydrate tolerance ability and more.

Then we build – After the analysis has been performed a fully individualised  nutritional programme can be built that has a specific diet for your metabolic type, 8-10 carefully picked supplements at the correct amounts, detoxification procedures and various lifestyle recommendations.  These are all aimed towards healing the body at deep levels.

Theories & Concepts Behind Nutritional Balancing

There are many different aspects that come together to make up the science of nutritional balancing as a whole.  Below are some  of theories which are behind this fascinating science in an easy to digest form (hopefully!).

A system of healing or General Systems Theory –  Nutritional balancing views the body as a whole, self regulating system.  This means that there are many parts which all work together toward the same goal.  When applied to the body and health, it is when the system is out of balance that results in disease occurring.

When it comes to treatment, instead of healing just one part of the body like the digestion for instance, the aim of these programmes is the heal several parts all at the same time and correct the systems functioning using areas of the body called “control points”.  These are specific points in the body which can be used to have specific effects upon the system as a whole.

For instance healing the digestive system using a special diet and balancing the oxidation rate with supplements will compliment one another in “pushing” the whole body into a healthier state.

A crucial practice is that the control points involved must be used to maneuverer the body into the same direction, otherwise the various points will clash with each other and the body will become unbalanced and therefore unhealthy.

Vastly increasing energy levels – The number one aim of nutritional balancing programmes is to increase the bodies energy levels.  The reason for this is because energy is the basis of all metabolic processes, and for these processes to occur successfully the  correct amount of energy delivered at the right rate is essential.

It is no coincidence that the one symptom that you can guarantee with almost all chronic illnesses is low energy levels.

This is why many therapies are more successful in younger people with higher energy levels compared to older people who’s energy levels are lower than most.

Often, when someones vitality levels are increased, therapies which had little or no effect previously start working very well when revisited.

Nutritional balancing programmes successfully increase vitality through getting a picture of how your body is currently producing energy and at what rate.   This is done using a HMA, and then through the use of specific vitamin and mineral formulas, tailored diet and other factors, imbalanced ratios and mineral levels which are crucial to maintaining high levels of health are corrected.

Influence & control points – When picking control points it is vastly important that each point picked is in a way which will fundamentally affect the body and cause healing on a systematic level.

Example of points used are the oxidation rate which influences how fast energy is delivered to each cell in the body, the autonomic nervous system which influences to a large extent how relaxed the body is, the liver which effects how clean in terms of toxins the body is.

Primarily a balancing biochemistry science – Although one of the aims of nutritional balancing is the elimination of symptoms, another of it’s primary aims is to balance biochemistry.  It is a step away from modern allopathic medicine and many healing approaches such as herbalism and homeopathy which focus on diagnosing symptoms and prescribing a certain remedy.

Nutritional balancing simply concerns itself with balancing mineral levels and ratios and nourishing the body with the right types of food.  When this is done it lays down a safe foundation of health required so that the body can heal itself without the need for remedies of any type.

In fact, using remedies is not needed 99% of the time and often ruin a programme if used.

Accessing the bodies own healing intelligence – Crucial to the body as a system is it’s ability to heal itself when given the right materials and environment.

When energy levels are increased, the body automatically starts to go through a healing process called retracing.  This fascinating process is none other than the reversal of the bodily events that lead someone to become ill in the first place.

For instance, many people have some unresolved infections that the person was unable to heal at the time they were introduced to the body.  When the healing of them is incomplete the body must use up valuable energy and resources to maintain them in order to adapt to the new situation, thus having an effect on a persons overall energy levels and well being.

Healing or retracing occurs as a series of “flare ups” where you literally revisit old ailments which one has not healed completely and the symptoms temporarily return for a time, until healing is finally complete.

When in “healing mode” the body will decide what is the most important part to heal and do it in its own perfect order without the need for interference from a practitioner.

Nutritional balancing is therefore almost totally reliant on the bodies own healing intelligence also known as is its teleological qualities.  One of the practitioners job is to periodically reassess what your bodies vitality levels are like and look for changes in biochemistry and make a new programme up if necessary.

When retracing, one week you may be healing an infection you experienced when you were 5 and another week you may be healing an upsetting experience you had when you were in your teens.

Every time the body completes and lets go of these incidents, it frees up the energy and nutrients that were being used to maintain them.  This is how people see a sometimes drastic return in the energy levels and well being afters some healing reactions have completed themselves.

Going through a house clearing – A crucial and integral part of the healing process is detoxification.  We now live a world full of toxins from increased heavy metals in food to drug residues in our water supplies. Therefore any successful healing programme needs to be equipped to deal with this new age 21st century problem.

Detoxification can be seen as a kind of “house clearing” that the body goes through when it has the right diet and energy levels.  Now that the body has this newly discovered energy and many more nutrients, it can now start to get rid of any toxins which it has been storing in certain “safe places” that it was using to keep them out of harms way.  These are otherwise known as “toxin storage sites”.

Proof of this can be seen on hair mineral analysis retests when a certain toxic metal rises signalling that a toxin elimination is in place.  This could be a toxin that the body has been storing for 20 years but could not eliminate due to poor health. Again, this process carries on in the bodies own order and there is usually no need to interfere, rather, the best way is to support the body in its own way of elimination.

Note: There is not need for chelation therapy or using any other type of chelating agents, this almost always interferes with the process.  For instance, we do not recommend popular products such as chlorella because they are simply not needed when on a programme.

Homeostasis – This is a more well known concept understood as the bodies tendency to seek stable states in order to maintain equilibrium as best as it can.  Illness can be understood as the bodies inability to continue to maintain a healthy homeostatic state on a continued basis which leads to a break down in how the system operates.

In others words…. The body is always trying to do the best that it can with what its got!

On a hair mineral analysis, these states can be seen as various patterns and understood as the bodies adaptations to the stress that it cannot deal with optimally due to the lack of energy, resources and correct environment.

When given the right individual diet and nutrients, and the correct supportive procedures, the bodies vitality increases and it then has the ability to move itself out of an unhealthier homeostatic state and into a healthier one.

Stress theory of disease & general adaptation syndrome –  This still largely unused theory of disease is related to homeostasis.

Hans Selye, MD, found that animal bodies go through 3 stages of stress before the system of their bodies faltered and death occurred.  He called these stages the alarm, resistance and exhaustion stages of stress. He named the whole process from start to finish general adaptation syndrome.

Each stage of stress is related to a differing homeostatic state and represent differing energetic responses to overwhelming stress.

Oxidation types – The oxidation rate is the rate at which the body turns food energy into human energy and then delivers it to the cells.  It was a term first coined by a researcher called Dr George Watson who found that some peoples glucose metabolism was relatively fast (fast oxidisers) while others was slow (slow oxidisers).

It was observed that each group of people shared similar symptoms and when these people were given foods and nutrients which balanced their oxidation rates their symptoms would go away or be reduced.

One of Dr Paul Eck’s major break throughs was unifying the Hans Seyle’s Stress Theory of Disease & George Watson’s oxidation types.  Dr Eck found out, through hair mineral analysis, that each stage of stress is related to a specific oxidation type.

This allowed him to eventually discover how to use particular vitamin and mineral formulations and diet that were tailored to each oxidation type and therefore each stage of stress.

What he found out was that he was able to reverse the process that allowed a person to get into the exhaustion stage of stress (a state that most people find themselves in when ill that is related to slow oxidation) until they got to a point where their state of stress is a healthier one and their ability to withstand the stress of life increased.

Spiritual/mental development – When all of the above concepts are utilised and combined to make nutritional balancing a special process occurs called “mental or spiritual development”.  This is a special type of healing/process that occurs when a person nourishes that body in the way described on this website, over a long period of time.

This is the idea that all people have a special “blueprint” of potential within them, and in order to realise this potential the body needs to have access to the right nutrients and energy levels and have in place other factors like the right lifestyle.

It first started out when Dr Paul Eck noticed that people that went on his programmes started to change in their personalities and intelligence levels.

For instance, people who were prone to social shyness would suddenly start feeling more comfortable around others and be able to express themselves more confidently, and people who scored D grades in school would suddenly start achieving B & A grades.

It is as though, through the increase in energy levels, a persons real personality and potential can be truly expressed where it couldn’t beforehand when energy levels were low.

As part of the new and updated programmes, Dr Lawrence Wilson has added a special type of meditation which add’s a spiritual element to these programmes for those who wish to develop themselves this way.

It is a large and slightly esoteric subject, but one that is well worth looking into if you want to live a longer, healthier and truly happier life.  The main idea behind it is that we are not just physical beings but spiritual ones as well with a spiritual plan within each of us, and in order to develop you have to follow certain instructions which are suited to the modern day age we live in.


There is a paradigm shift that is happening on earth at the moment which has to do with the way we look at health.  I really hope that it will lead to high levels of health for each individual that wishes to lead a fuller wellness based lifestyle.

Nutritional balancing fully encompasses this shift in many ways.  To see a table which displays this list see this link:

Other theories & information

Remineralising the body – As minerals play a big part in laying a solid foundation of health there is a large emphasis in nutritional balancing on providing the body with many different minerals which it needs to be healthy.  The main way this is done is through supplementation with kelp and eating a lot of cooked vegetables.

Yin & Yang –  Although it is not mentioned in detail above, assessing the yin and yang balance of the body is vastly important in nutritional balancing.  The main emphasis is on making the body more yang, as most people are in a yin state today.

Biochemical individuality –  The is a study subject of a man called Dr Roger Williams.  He found through his research that different people had differing nutritional needs.  This is confirmed time and time again using hair mineral analysis and is a vital concept used when setting up programmes.

Lab we use – Analytical Research Labs

During the 1970’s, Dr Paul Eck established Analytical Research Laboratories (ARL) and Endomet Laboratories.  ARL is only 1 of 2 labs in the world which processes a hair mineral sample correctly when analysed while Endomet labs partners ARL to provide high quality supplements designed to balance cellular biochemistry.

Note: ARL has it’s own computerised hair analysis report which includes dietary recommendations and a supplement programme.  While the advice contained in these reports is of good quality, it is not up to date enough when compared to Dr Wilsons own advice.  For this reason I use ARL to carry out hair mineral analysis for my clients, however I rely on the nutritional advice of Dr Lawrence Wilson.

Note: We do not use the method called “Mineral Replacement Therapy”.  This is when a practitioner see’s that a mineral level is low on a hair chart and then supplements that mineral.  This does not work very well and can even be dangerous over a long period of time by repetitively giving minerals which imbalance biochemistry.


Start a development programme today

 A development programme consists of getting a hair mineral analysis.  From this a specific supplement and dietary plan can be put together and recommendations on procedures can also be made.  This is outlined in PDF format and explained in a 1 hour consultation.


What does it involve?

A development programme involves making some changes to ones life.  We recommend specific diets, procedures and a healing lifestyle.

Who is development for?

A development programme has many wonderful benefits and requires discipline and commitment.  It is not for everyone however.  Click to read more.