What does a development programme consist of?

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A development programme is a system of healing that causes deep repair and regeneration of the body.  This is needed before that body can then go onto and pass through each stage of development.

The programme itself originally started as a nutritional programme by a bio-chemist called Dr. Paul Eck.  He was an avid researcher on minerals and esoteric sciences and used his knowledge to create a very brilliant health programme called nutritional balancing.

It has since been developed by Dr. Lawrence Wilson (www.drlwilson.com) who has kept the basic concepts in tact, and also added to it causing it to now be a programme used for spiritual development.

Development itself is meant to be a natural part of human evolution, however because of the conditions on earth today, including much pollution, poor nutrient content of food and stressful lifestyles amongst other reasons, it has become harder to achieve compared to more ancient times.

This is actually a blessing in disguise, as it has caused many people to look into how it is possible to increase the chances of this process to occur and there have been many great discoveries that have been found.  In fact, now development can occur faster than it ever has with modern day practices.

These discoveries have been incorporated into the development programmes that are offered on this website.  Going on a development programme requires applying changes to ones life including diet, lifestyle and meditation.  This article will go into the basics of this below.


In order to discover what diet and supplements are needed for an individual at a specific point in time it is absolutely necessary to obtain a hair sample to be anaylsed by the proper lab.

Hair mineral analysis offers a blueprint of cellular mineral chemistry which can be used to assess many aspects regarding a persons state of health.  These include an ability to determine the metabolic rate, sugar metabolism, emotional states and trauma indicators, toxic metals and vitality levels and much more.

Only the interpretation method that was discovered by Dr Paul Eck will do, and the correct lab needs to be used to obtain accurate measurements.

From the information obtained from a hair sample a specific dietary and supplement programme can made tailored for the individual in question which is aimed at causing the deep healing of the human body.  This is achieved because these programmes are able to increase energy levels to such levels that the body begins to heal itself via a process called “retracing”.

Essentially this is reversal of disease where the body unwinds all of it’s adaptations to stress, releases traumas, get’s rid of toxins and any blockage that is preventing optimum function.

This then leads onto fulfilment of the spiritual potential of the body.


Diet is key to this process and to development.  Many different nutrients are needed in large amounts so that this process may proceed.  This means the diet is set up in a rather particular way.  There are in fact 2 different diets and are recommended based on the oxidation type of the person.  Both diets include:

  • A large amount of cooked vegetables.  This is to obtain the most amount of nutrients from a mineral depleted food supply.  Food is cooked to release minerals and to make it more yang in macrobiotic terms which helps deep healing.
  • A small amount of grain.  We recommend blue corn because it has nutrients which favour development.  The amount required depends upon the oxidation rate.
  • A moderate amount of meat. Again this is to provide certain nutrients and etheric energy as well.  This is required at first for development to get underway.  Other animal foods are also recommended such as eggs and sardines.
  • Some fat depending on the oxidation rate –  If the body is in a state of slow oxidation there is less fat recommended as these people need their calories from starchy veg and a small amount of grain.  If the body is in fast oxidation these people need to get their bulk of calories from fats.
  • Dairy – If you can tolerate dairy, only eat the raw/unpasturised type for their superior nutritional qualities.


These have been used throughout history to provide people with extra nutrients for people which could not be obtained from food alone.  We find they are certainly needed today more than ever.

Supplements are not all good though. 

Just using different guess work approaches is likely to do more harm than taking none at all.  This is why there is no guess work involved with development science as all supplement programmes are based on the interpretation of a hair mineral analysis, and provide a precise way of recommending nutrients.  Most programmes include however:

Kelp capsules – usually 3 to 6 daily.

Metabolic pak – This is recommended based on the oxidation rate.

Fish oils and Vitamin D3 – Either from 3 to 4 cans of sardines a week or about 1000 mg of fish oil capsules and a 5000u capsule of vitamin d3.

Chelated calcium/magnesium/zinc – About 750mg of calcium, 450 mg of magnesium and some level of zinc is recommended, all come in a chelated form.

Digestive aid – To aid weak digestion.  Preferably it would be made from ox bile and pancreatin.  The best one is called GB3 by Endo-met labs.


Development involves a shift in the perception of what is really valuable in life.  Most people strive to make lots of money, buy fancy things or build fantastic homes.

While all these activities are worthwhile in some way, if they are emphasised in value above the spiritual calling of the sacred heart, then a type of emptiness in a person will always occur.

Eventually, as people mature, most come to realise that although the tangible world has much to offer, the most important aspects of life are spiritual.

This is why development programmes emphasise the importance of setting up ones lifestyle so that it supports a persons spiritual growth.  Eventually when development has come a certain way all the fun pursuits can be revisited, but with the safety of knowing that it is primarily what is within that brings happiness along with what is without.

The healing and development lifestyle therefore involves lots of rest, especially at first, low stress levels if possible, a healthy environment, time spent in nature, surrounding yourself with things that make you joyful and light exercise such as walking.


The pulling down exercise – This is the most important aspect of a development programme.  It is a mental exercise which brings in large amounts of etheric energy into the body.  The daily use of this exercise rejuvenates and develops a person more than any other aspect.  It also heals the mind greatly and causes much joy.

Detoxification – Unfortunately, today there are more toxins circulating within our environment than any other time in our history.  For instance, there are 1000 times more toxic metals in our air, food supply and drinking water than any other recorded time.  This will improve as there is a cleanup on earth occurring, however at the moment detoxification procedures are still needed.

Just following the diet, taking supplements, and drinking the correct water will cause most people’s detoxification capabilities to increase.  However, to help the process along there are 2 main procedures that we recommend to almost every adult:

Near infra-red sauna – This is possibly one of the most powerful healing procedures that are around to day.  It utilises the mostly inactive skin as a channel of elimination and is a way for many toxic metals and chemicals to be released safely and in large amounts.

Coffee enema – If you are open to it, a coffee enema is another wonderful healing and development procedure that uses a different channel of elimination to the near infrared saunas.  The coffee used in the enema, stimulates the liver to release the bile which carries toxins.

Other procedures – These include reflexology, a spinal twist procedure, and sometimes chiropractic or body work.


When all the above is applied and followed correctly, it causes a process which is called “retracing”. 

This is a very special process where the body literally goes back to heal itself and all of it ailments that it is carrying.  Each ailment represents a type burden on the “system” that is the body and reduces it capability to regulate itself and achieve brilliant health.

Also each ailment uses up some energy that could otherwise be used for development or high functioning.  Therefore healing each ailments releases the energy that was being used to maintain it and with it a return of vitality.

This is basically what the entire programme involves.  Since it is a “system of healing”, any parts that are added, subtracted or changed will usually interfere with it, and results will be less than desirable. 

For instance, just taking the supplements and not doing the diet will not work well at all, since the diet is specially designed and refined to cause deep healing and detoxification, and will not happen much without it.


Going on a programme takes some getting used to at first.  This is because factors such as diet, more rest have to be gently introduced into your life and parts of the programme such as healing reactions need to be explained so that you become comfortable with them.

All this means that follow up support is absolutely necessary if you are to heal and develop to any beneficial degree.


People can begin to experience dramatic results in just a few days and symptoms can improve quite quickly. Deeper correction however takes a longer amount of time from weeks, months to years.

Development itself goes on for however long a person wishes and can increase lifespan dramatically. We encourage people to go on for a while not only because it helps themselves feel better but also improves that quality of energy on the entire planet.

Therefore, you are never just helping yourself when you are healing and developing

Start a development programme today

 A development programme consists of getting a hair mineral analysis.  From this a specific supplement and dietary plan can be put together and recommendations on procedures can also be made.  This is outlined in PDF format and explained in a 1 hour consultation.


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Development science is the study of the spiritual aspects of the human being and how to activate them.  To read more, click below.

Who is development for?

A development programme has many wonderful benefits and requires discipline and commitment.  It is not for everyone however.  Click to read more.

Disclaimer: All information on this website is only the opinion of the The Deeply Healed Human Ltd and for educational purposes only. Development science and nutritional balancing are methods to reduce stress on the body and help people reach their full potential.  They are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary.