About The Deeply Healed Human

About this site.

This website is dedicated to the unlimited potential within every being and the experience of fullness that is possible for everyone.

It has been inspired by the articles found on www.drlwilson.com and is a portal so that anyone interested in deep healing and development can get access to a personal programme and the guidance and experience of James (creator of this website).

This website has not been created to expand on Dr Lawrence Wilsons writings though it is suggested that the reader visit his website to gain an understanding about health, healing & development in more depth.


About James

Hi, my name is James Davies.  I am am a nutritional balancing/development practitioner who works with people who wish to improve their health and anyone who wishes for support and guidance in developing themselves in a spiritual way.

I have been trained as a practitioner in development science for 4 years now and have worked with a number of people and have been on a developement programme for over 7 years.

In this time I have become very interested in the spiritual aspects of the programme and have also had experience with various patterns.  These are common health patterns that I would like to help people heal through as well:

  • Copper toxicity – This is very common, but generally unknown imbalance that occurs when there is an excess of copper in the body.  It can and does contribute to a host of problems including anxiety, panic attacks, skin problems, racing mind, candida and more.  To read more please follow this link Copper Link
  • Sympathetic dominance – Visually, this pattern is seen when the potassium level is below 4 mg% on a hair mineral analysis chart.  It is seen in people who are usually spiritually orientated but at the same time are quite driven to the point of overworking themselves.  This way of life puts them in a continuous “fight or flight” state of functioning. To read more about this pattern please go to Sympathetic Dominance link
  • Spiritual/Lifestyle defensiveness – Spiritual/Lifestyle defensiveness is becoming a more common occurrence that is seen when a person has an imbalance involving their lifestyle or an attitude to do with their lifestyle.  Visually it is seen when the Calcium/Magnesium ratio on  hair chart is above 13.5.  To read more about this pattern please go to Spiritual defensiveness link
  • I have personally experienced all of these patterns, and understand what it what changes need to be made in ones lifestyle and attitudes in order to become balanced again.  I am ready to support and hopefully inspire you to reach the same goal.

All these patterns I have had experience with in my own healing and development and it is my pleasure to offer this special programme to anyone who wishes to heal deeply and discover their gifts and potential as a human being.

How I work.

Healing and developement can be a point where a person starts to take back control of their life and begin to make decisions for the greater good of their own well being.

It can be the point where an individual makes fundamental shifts in their attitude towards life that have far reaching effects for themselves and those around them.

Shifts from self judgment to self acceptance, from victim hood to personal sovereignty and from eating junk food to good wholesome food can all be made in this transition.

Every human being however is different not only in the diet and supplements they need but also how all this information is applied to their life. 

I understand this and know it is about working together so that we can both see true results that hopefully last a lifetime.

I want to get this programme so that you can make continual step by step progress that is not so challenging that it is overwhelming for you, but also not so void of a challenge that it does not help you heal at steady pace.

By being a good listener and a keen investigator,  I am able to ask targeted questions and use my awareness of the wealth of support materials and knowledge from study so that you get personalised recommendations and a consultation service that is completely relevant to you.

Read more about development science.

Development science is an old concept in healing arts which has been updated with modern practices of the 21st century.  It can be a challenge to understand from a basic explanation, so further reading is needed.  To read more, click on the links below.

To read in greater depth, go to the development section on Dr Wilsons website:





Disclaimer: All information on this website is only the opinion of the The Deeply Healed Human Ltd and for educational purposes only. Development science and nutritional balancing are methods to reduce stress on the body and help people reach their full potential.  They are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary.