What is deep healing?

© Author James Davies.  March 2019


Deep healing is a health causing process that is a very different way of healing than what most people are used to.
The general population, especially in the Western world, understand health and disease from the viewpoint of the “allopathic” or “symptom/remedy” model of treatment.  This is a model which defines health as the absence of disease and therefore focuses on the elimination of them using mainly remedies such as vitamin pills or certain types of drugs.

Deep healing is different.  It views symptoms as a sign that deeper imbalances are present and need to be resolved so that true health is allowed to occur.  When this happens symptoms vanish on their own as balance is restored within the system and the “separate” parts of the body begin to function in a more efficient and integrated way.  This is because each part compliments the functioning of all others.

This article will focus mainly on deep healing, what it is, how nutritional balancing causes this process and why I think it is the best way of healing available today. It will also focus on how it differs to other paradigms of health in theory and practice and will give you the reader and idea of whether or not the healing lifestyle proposed on this website is for you or not.


A paradigm is a set of theories or thought forms that make up an underlying viewpoint towards a certain subject, in this instance, health.  This viewpoint is then used to set a criteria so that it is possible to apply certain intentions in line with this criteria in order to achieve desired results in the world.  Making sure the the paradigm is a true or close reflection of reality is very important as decisions made as to which treatment should be used as based upon this. 

E.g.  The disease entity approach to treatment is a wonderful paradigm to use in trauma care or  with life threatening infections, however it is not very useful when trying to heal a systemic disease like diabetes, which requires a nutritional approach to resolve it completely.
At the moment, the main approach to health in known as the “symptom/remedy” approach or “disease entity” approach. This is mainly due to the medical industry dominating the health market’s across the world.

Once upon a time in some places this was not the case and practitioners of many practices could compete fairly in a free market.  These places produced the healthiest and happiest types of people and the most productive societies.

In our day the medical industry is controlled by a top down cartel which issues licensing as a way to keep doctors applying the drugs and treatments they want them to give with the threat of having their license taken away if they are not compliant.

A lot of people do not actually understand that the symptom/remedy approach to healing is just one of many! There are in fact a lot of differing ways in which a practitioner can bring about the healing of the human body and being.

Fortunately, many people are wising up to the set up of the medical industry and our now looking for alternative methods of treatment.  Common examples of these paradigms are:

Chiropractic care or structural care – These therapies theorise that in order to achieve optimal health one needs proper structural integrity of the body.  A chiropractor for instance would say that any imbalance within the structure of the spine would result in nervous system imbalance and an uneven distribution of etheric energy which passes through the body thus resulting in poor health.
Deficiency paradigm – This paradigm points toward deficiency of certain substances such as vitamins, minerals, sunlight, water and other important substances and frequency’s as the cause for certain illness’s and also the lack of optimal health. For instance, there are Illness’s which are known to be caused due to the lack of certain vitamins like vitamin D in the case of rickets.
Balance paradigm – The balance paradigm suggests that illness can be caused by certain imbalances within the body.  These can be imbalances of the nervous system, like an overactive sympathetic nervous system.  Other imbalances can also be between certain mineral ratios, certain organs and glands, personal relationships or work/lifestyle and more.
Others – Spiritual paradigm, Mind/body paradigm, environmental.

There are a few definitions of what deep healing are, this article will focus mainly on the deep healing paradigm from the viewpoint of nutritional balancing science so that the reader can realise the differences between this healing therapy and others.


The basics of the deep healing paradigm

The deep healing paradigm is a viewpoint which first and foremost sees the body as a sum of “separate parts” which go on to make up a “whole system” which is able to self regulate and self heal when given to correct materials and environment to do so. 

The system of the body is always trying to move towards homeostasis which can be defined as the optimal relationships between all of it’s separate parts.  Disease, in this paradigm occurs when the body moves away from optimal equilibrium and loses the ability to self regulate and repair. 

The deep healing paradigm assumes that there is an intelligence running the body that has a blueprint of the perfect human health and knows how to carry out all sorts of complex processes including when to heal a certain part of the body, when to break down a tissue, how, when and how much of a certain hormone needs to be produced and more.  The most important aspect of this self healing intelligence in the viewpoint of deep healing is that it knows how to bring itself back to optimal health again when given the correct materials and environment to do so.

The challenge of the practitioner then is how to access, activate and work with this intelligence so the client can be healed at deep levels and return to an optimal state of balance and functioning which in other words is a healthy, happy, creative and intelligent human being who is confident, has lots of energy, and is completely loving in their own unique way.

Criteria for a deep healing therapy

Generally the lines between what can be classed as a deep healing therapy and what is not classed as a deep healing therapy are vague!
Below is an attempt to try and help you the reader in separating what is considered a deep healing therapy and what is not:

Views the body as a “whole system” – This means that the human body is seen as a sum of separate parts that need to function in a coordinated manner so that optimal health can be achieved.  It also means that there are non-physical aspects of the human being which are just as important to look at and heal so the health can be achieved. Just healing a few parts like the digestive system is not deep healing as the practitioner must aim to heal the whole system which includes the digestive system.

Symptoms mainly seen as signs of deeper imbalance – Symptoms in this paradigm as not necessarily seen as the whole health problem within itself.  Instead they are viewed as signs that there are deeper unresolved issues within the persons mind, body or lifestyle which are resulting or expressing themselves as certain symptoms on the surface.  The resulting treatment therefore focuses on the deeper imbalances rather than the symptoms themselves, although they are often taken into consideration.

Attempts to RESOLVE the root cause of imbalances – This leads on from the former point.  For a therapy to be considered a deep healing one it’s aim needs to be to completely resolve the root cause of the persons imbalance.  It is not enough to partially resolve the problem or cover it up.  This often happens in hypnosis where new “positive” suggestions are implanted into a persons psyche but the they are layered over the original misconceptions that already exist there in the first place.  Unless these emotional pent up energies are released it cannot be called a deep healing therapy.

For instance, some people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.  These people tend to experience stomach cramps, diarrhoea and bloating on a daily basis.  Many practitioners will look a diet as a way of resolving the issue and may suggest a pro-biotic as well as some other supplements.  While this may work at relieving symptoms, it does not always resolve the root cause of the imbalance which often has emotional aspects contributing to the problem.  If the emotional problem is not resolved the problem will persist and the person will have to stay on particular supplements and diet for the rest of their life or the problem will return again.

This is sometimes hard to achieve because there are many layers to a human being including emotional, bio-chemical, structural and energetic ones which all correspond with one another. Therefore resolving all root causes is a challenge. 

Involves “retracing” or “healing reactions” – Often a deep healing therapy will cause a phenomena called “retracing” this usually happens as a result of a vitality increase in the body or a fundamental shift which allows healing to take place.  It happens in the form of a “healing reaction” which is when temporary symptoms arise to be completely healed.  People find for instance that after they go to a chiropractic therapist for the first time they need to sleep after as the body readjusts to a new and corrected spinal position.  The spine may feel achy and weak for a while until the new position is set in place.  The person usually feels a lot better in their whole self after this has occurred.
Honours the spiritual aspects of the person – Although many do not believe this, human beings are more than just flesh and bones.  We all have non-physical aspects of ourselves which can be developed and healed, therefore a common aspect of the deep healing paradigm is looking at whether there are any spiritual aspects involved in the persons illness, which there often are.

Looks at all aspects of a persons life – These include a persons lifestyle such as sleeping habits, relationships, diet, working situations and more. 

Examples of deep healing therapies

At the moment, there are not many true deep healing therapies available, this is because this paradigm is not well known and therapies that were once considered deep healing ones do not work as well today due to earth changes such as greater pollution levels and have therefore become less effective.

Chiropractic – When done correctly chiropractic is a wonderful deep healing therapy.  For chiropractic work to really be done in way that is in line with this paradigm, the practitioner will have to apply the treatment with the aim of eventually correcting the whole spine instead of just part of it.  If for instance only part of the spine is corrected to treat a symptom such as a head ache this is not deep healing but the symptom/remedy approach to healing.

Acupuncture – This is a therapy that uses mainly needles and herbs to balance the Yin & Yang forces of the body and as a result cause deep healing to occur. This system of healing has many parallels with nutritional balancing including a focus on emotional health and physical health and seeing the body as a whole.  There are many similarities between the patterns seen in both sciences as well.  To read more about this fascinating subject read http://www.drlwilson.com/articles/ACUPUNCTURE.HTM

Psycho-spiritual counselling –  This is a spiritual based psychological counselling therapy that states it is the separation from the creator or divine source that is causing symptoms to arise within the body, especially emotional ones.  They will then seek to investigate how that person came to think that they they are separate from this source and then support them from releasing this misconception, which is usually some type of trauma or brain washing.  After this has occurred healing will take place and the body and being will returned to a more balanced state.


How is nutritional balancing a deep healing programme?

While the criteria given above is certainly relevant and true in that there are many treatments that can be considered a part of the deep healing paradigm, almost all of these are not the same as nutritional balancing, although there are similarities.  This is because nutritional balancing involves correcting many different aspects affecting health all at once in ways that have never been used before (to the best of my knowledge).
Nutritional balancing science is a very special system of healing that makes use of a set of modern day scientific theories and combines them with the older, wisdom based healing philosophies in such a way that it goes on to cause drastic increases in in vitality levels and the eventual deep healing of the human body, and spiritual development of the human being.

The theories are applied using the assessment tool which is known as hair mineral analysis and then through the use of individually chosen supplements and diet recommendations.  Lifestyle changes are also recommended as are detoxification procedures.  All advice given is in alignment with the principles which make up the science itself, and therefore, if they are not followed the system of healing breaks down and stops working properly.

Nutritional balancing is the only way that I know that causes the continuous and safe process of retracing using accurate application of a set of principles that will eventually goes on to reverse the process of how the person became ill in the first place.  As long as a person keeps on following the programme the retracing and development process will go on and on.

It is incredibly mechanical in the way it works. As long as the correct diet and supplements are taken and also that right lifestyle is lived.  Symptoms, which are not the main focus of the science, tend to vanish in their own fashion and high levels of health and energy return or are experienced by the person for the very first time.  This comes with many other benefits such as personality development, a happier person and more.

What paradigms and theories are involved with nutritional balancing?

There are a numerous amount of theories which make up nutritional balancing science.  This is because it is a complex healing system that is applied to the complex biological system that is the body.  Many of the theories involved were discovered by Dr Paul Eck who was apparently an avid researcher of modern day science applications.  Some were also discovered along the way as Dr Eck and his colleagues started using them when healing people. I will highlight some of the main ones below.

Whole systems – Whole systems theory states that the whole system is greater than the sum of it’s parts, therefore focusing on the alteration of just the parts themselves will not bring desired correction of the systems functioning.  For this reason one must heal the whole body and not just separate parts.

In terms of healing the body this means that we have to find a way of accurately assessing the systems functioning, then correct it somehow.  Eventually, as the whole system comes back into balance or equilibrium, the parts of the system will heal all by themselves. 

Cybernetics – Cybernetics is the science of communication within a complex self regulating system, in this case the human body.  It is not only used to understand animal and human bodies but is also used in the communication involved in computer science as well. In nutritional balancing it is simply used as a way to understand how the body regulates itself.

Homeostatic states are an important part of this science and in the case of the human body is the ability keep equilibrium within the internal system of the body in the face of ever changing conditions.  This is achieved through the feedback of a complex communication system and its feedback loops.  There are negative feedback loops which are there to bring the system back toward balance or homeostasis and positive feedback loops which do the opposite and can otherwise be thought of as “viscous cycles”.

E.g. Hunger is a communication of the stomach to the brain signalling that the body needs food in order to maintain balance and keep from burning out.  Once the correct food is eaten, hunger will pass and will do so for many hours.  If the incorrect food is eaten, hunger will return quickly after eating a meal.  Hunger itself is a a negative feedback loop while the positive feedback loop would occur if hunger was not satisfied properly and would results in a more intense hunger.

There are a huge amount of different feedback loops within the human body, some involve more obvious signalling like hunger while others can be understood from the viewpoint of a hair mineral analysis where certain feedback loops can be spotted. 

The ultimate aim of nutritional balancing is to break through any positive feedback loops and return the body to a state of whole systems equilibrium through the return of the negative feedback loops.

One of the most brilliant links that Dr Paul Eck was able to make is the one between Dr Han’s Seyle’s Stress Theory of Disease and Dr George Watson’s Oxidation Types.

In the stress theory of disease, Dr Han’s Seyle came up with a unified concept called General Adaptation Syndrome or GAS which outlines the way in which our bodies respond to stress in it’s systematic way. 

He discovered that the body of humans and animals (and even some plants!) will go through 3 stages of stress before death ensues.  He found this out through the repeated shock of certain organisms such as rats within his lab.  Each stage also represents the ways in which the body tries to adapt to increased stress with the resources it has. 

The 3 stages of stress are the alarm, resistance and exhaustion stages.  Each stage is a lowered state of vitality and therefore a less desirable state for the body of humans or animals to be in. 

Even though Dr Han’s Seyle was clearly a genius, one of his misconceptions was the thought that the process of GAS could not be reversed once the organism had passed through each stage.  Fortunately for us Dr Paul Eck did not think this and came up with a way to reverse the stage a human being is in using diet and nutritional supplements along with lifestyle changes to suit the healing process.

One of the major factors in deciding what type of supplementary nutrients and diet a person needs is what oxidation type they are.  The oxidation types concept was first discovered by Dr George Watson.  Watson was an American doctor who observed that certain symptoms were associated with certain types of people and particular foods and nutrients were either able to alleviate them or make them worse.  Eventually what Dr Watson discovered was that some people were better on a high fat and low carbohydrate type diet while others were better on a low fat and higher carbohydrate type of diet.  He named these 2 types fast oxidisers and slow oxidisers.

Fast metabolisers process their food very quickly where as slow oxidisers do the opposite.  For this reason the 2 metabolic types tend to experience certain symptoms when there oxidation rates are either really slow or really fast.  Fast oxidisers will experience anxiety when they are too fast whereas slow oxidisers will experience depression.  The closer these 2 types were to a balanced oxidation rate, the better there health was, therefore balancing the oxidation rate is very important in nutritional balancing science.

What Dr Eck discovered when researching hair mineral analysis and nutrition is that the oxidation types represent a various stage of stress related to Han’s Seyle’s General Adaptation Syndrome.  Generally a fast oxidiser is considered to be in the alarm stage of stress, a mixed oxidiser in the resistance stage and a slow oxidiser in the exhaustion stage.

In giving supplements and diet related to ones oxidation type and stage of stress, Dr Eck discovered that he was able to increase the bodies vitality levels dramatically so that it was able to reverse it way back through the stages of stress and back to a stable type of body chemistry which is found only in the healthiest of people. 

Increasing the bodies vitality levels is the foundation of how nutritional balancing works, and is also known as the science of Applied Bio-energetics.  Applied bio-energetics is essentially the ability to change the bodies energy levels in a precise way, and in the case of nutritional balancing, using supplement, diet and lifestyle changes and more. Dr Paul Eck was a master of this science, and I have yet to come across anyone more gifted in this field.

Find out what the body needs, give the body what it needs and get out the way!

When the body is given what it needs based on the information obtained from a hair mineral analysis it will go through the self healing process called retracing.  This amazing self healing process is made possible by a mysterious quality known as the body’s teleology.
Teleology could otherwise be described as the “body’s wisdom” or “healing intent” and is the self regulating capability which is described in whole systems theory.  It is as if the body has a blueprint of perfect health and ability and when given what it needs, will always try and make its way back to this perfect way of being and operating.  This “blueprint of health” is what makes the teleology a goal orientated quality of the human being which allows us to continually become “perfected” as we gain more experience in our daily lives and is therefore an important aspect of becoming mature and developing in a spiritual way.

The teleology of the body is a  quality which is active 24 hours a day.  Unfortunately, in most people, their teleological qualities are not utilised to there fullest and are mostly used in a way that helps people survive day in and day out until death inevitably occurs.  In nutritional balancing science however, it is utilised not only as a survival feature, but also to cause healing and development, and help a person thrive in life and reach their fullest most ultimate potential.

An important feature of systems failure in the body, otherwise most commonly known as illness in our society is that when the body comes out of control of it’s teleological wisdom problems will start to occur.

A common example of this when copper accumulates in the body due to low adrenal activity.  The adrenals are needed to synthesise a protein called ceruloplasmin which carries copper around the body and makes sure it gets to the right place at the right time.  When the body is healthy it’s teleological intelligence is imperative in making sure that this happens, however in an unhealthy body it loses influence over these controls.  In the case of the adrenal glands and copper, the adrenal glands often become under active and depleted causing the liver to produce less ceruloplasmin.  As a result, copper floats freely around the body and accumulates in places where it causes many problems.  To read more about this problem please read https://deeplyhealedhuman.co.uk/?page_id=117

For these reasons, one of the aims of nutritional balancing is to put the body’s teleology back in control of regulation and self healing.  When this is done in the case of the adrenals and copper, this important mineral is regulated properly and stops causing problems and starts to contribute to health instead.  This is because the teleology is back in control and have healthy adrenal glands at it’s disposal.

Once the teleological control of the body starts to be reestablished and retracing starts to take place the body starts to go through a house clearing and an “updating of it’s parts” otherwise known as detoxification & mineral replacement.  This automatic process occurs as the body receives a mineral rich diet and increased vitality levels.  Essentially this process is about ridding the body of old outdated old minerals and toxins which the body has in excess and replacing them with the newer preferred minerals in which the body needs to completely thrive and fulfil it’s energetic and genetic potential.

The preferred mineral concept is to do with the fact that when the body does not have the best minerals for functioning available, it will take from the environment other minerals including toxic metals which still perform a function but in a less efficient way.  For instance, oxide forms of iron, copper and manganese will replace the more bio-available and preferred versions of these minerals.  These oxide forms of minerals will stimulate someone who is otherwise quite exhausted.

To help the detoxification along the way nutritional balancing utilises a few different detoxification procedures to help the body a long the way as it attempts to rid all the deeply held toxins from it’s system.  The main 2 are the coffee enema and near infra-red sauna therapy.  These 2 detoxification procedures utilise and enhance the bodies own detoxification pathways, and in fact open up a whole new channel in most people through using sweat as a way of eliminating toxins.  This is important because detoxification must be done inline with the bodies own way of elimination so it works with the intelligence.

The concept of detoxification also extends itself to mental detoxification. This is the process of ridding the mind of all untrue misconceptions, illusions, negative thoughts and emotionally based traumas.  Healing the mind is an important part of nutritional balancing as it affects health on so many levels and is key to returning the person back to high levels of well being. 

This is partly related to healing the root cause of ill health because if traumas are allowed to go on unhealed they will continue to have an affect on the bio-chemistry of that person no matter how healthy they eat or how many supplements they take.

Nutritional balancing uses a process called the bio-energetic approach to trauma release.  In this viewpoint traumas are seen as unprocessed and unreleased pent up energies held within the body.  To release these pent up energies entirely one needs to increase energy levels drastically.  This is because all trauma requires vast amounts of energy to be processed and released. 

The next step is to add a meditation that allows a person to become “the witness” of their thoughts.  We recommend only one meditation called “the pushing down exercise” which combines perfectly with the rest of the programme to help a person heal all parts of the mind and eventually cause the process called spiritual development.  This process is truly a blessing for anyone who undertakes it and eventually helps the person come back to who they really are and live in true peace and happiness once again.  To read more about this fascinating process please follow this link  http://drlwilson.com/Articles/TRAUMA%20RELEASE.htm 

Finally, the crowning achievement of nutritional balancing is a process known as spiritual or mental development. This is a bit of a esoteric subject to write and talk about however it is important to mention because it is part of being human and is also becoming more accepted in our world now.  This process is possible because of the fact that human beings are not just physical beings but also have “non-physical” aspects.
One of these aspects is the ability to take in a finer substance that exists in our Universe mostly known as “etheric energy”.  Just like a mobile phone is able to interpret certain types of frequencies, we too can interpret certain etheric energies as well.  This fascinating process of human unfoldment leads to a happier and healthier person and also leads to a person developing their inner gifts and using them in the world for the better.

This is why I say when asked that nutritional balancing is not a science which is solely about health, it’s actual crowning achievement is the development of the human potential.  This is why it is such an exciting programme and is the best one a person can choose in my opinion!
These are just some of the concepts used in nutritional balancing.  There are many more and are too numerous to go into any more detail.  Some of these include bio-chemical individuality, fractal science, pattern recognition and correction, orthomolecular medicine, the mineral balancing system, predictive medicine, biological transmutation, holism, chaos theory and creation science.

What is the difference between nutritional balancing and other deep healing therapies?

A stated before, although there are similarities between nutritional balancing and other deep healing therapies, there are also some big difference as well.  I will briefly outline them below:

  • Uses an accurate and tried and tested assessment tool in hair mineral analysis to give precise whole system information which is then used to tailor individual nutritional programmes.
  • Primarily about balancing bio-chemistry as read and interpreted on a properly performed hair mineral analysis.
  • Causes the the deep detoxification of the body in a safe manner in the bodies own order.
  • Tailored towards the health problems of the 21st century
  • Updates the body with “preferred minerals”
  • Heals the mind completely if one practices the pushing down exercise which also helps a person overcome brainwashing. 
  • Focuses on the special process called spiritual development as a primary aim rather than just aiming for health.


Many people understand health treatments through the symptom/remedy of disease entity approach to illness.  This paradigm has become so well known around the world that a lot do not think that there is any other way to think about about health! It therefore becomes a challenge when trying to convince people that there are indeed other ways to view health care and the allopathic way is just one of many.  To read more please follow the link below.




Due to the nature of deep healing, when embarking on a new programme most people are required to make some shifts in their diet, lifestyle and attitudes so that desired results are not only achieved but are also more permanent.  Changes are required on all levels of one’s life because nutritional balancing is a system of healing and each part of life needs to support the other. 

Possibly the most important of changes is in one’s diet.  For the healing process to occur, a diet of mainly cooked vegetables needs to be eaten.  Animal protein, grain and dairy are included also in varying amounts depending on your oxidation type.  If a diet like this is not eaten the whole healing system will break down and will not be as nearly as effective.  In fact it is not recommended you follow through with the rest of the programme unless the diet is followed.

Other lifestyle shifts include resting a lot more, limiting excessive exercise and sticking to gentle types of workouts, stress reduction and living in clean accommodation. 

Attitude shifts are also a major factor in nutritional balancing.  They will occur automatically as a result of following the instructions and do so because high vitality levels are related to good attitudes.  Clients also find they are happy because their diet has improved and they sleep more which adds to the quality of their waking life. 

Problems occur however when people are not willing to give up their anger, depression or some other emotional state that is holding them back in their life.  Emotional healing happens to most people on the programme, and those who are willing to go through the process of removal are the ones who are usually happier with the outcome.

There are a few attitudes that are desirable when it comes to true healing, these are a open mindedness (but not so open minded that your brain falls out!).  This is because this programme is new to most people and it takes some getting used to a new way of life and the concepts involved when deep healing.  Open mindedness goes hand in hand with a willingness to trust the process which is an attitude of having a bit of faith that the body knows what it is doing when it comes to healing. 

As stated before, most people who follow the recommendations on this website will go through a process called retracing.  This is a reversal process of healing ill health and returning to good health. It usually happens as a series of healing reactions or flare ups of symptoms which occur on a temporary basis until the underlying problem is resolved. 

Common healing reactions are experiences of temporary emotions such as anger, physical symptoms like an ache or maybe a rash appearing and other occurrences that happen as a result of structural changes.  Mostly these healing reactions take a few hours to a few days to pass and rarely they happen over a longer period of time.  Mostly, all that is needed for them to pass is taking it lightly with the programme and resting more.
This is just a brief round up of what is to be expected when going on a nutritional balancing programme.  For a more detailed article, please follow this link; https://deeplyhealedhuman.co.uk/?page_id=19


Why is deep healing better than symptom removal?

Deep healing is more than symptom removal and is more concerned with achieving high levels of health and causing development than anything else. 
Deep healing is about causing fundamental shifts in the way the body operates in order to move it back into it’s best state of functioning possible.  The way this is done is through restoring the bodies energy production mechanisms, correcting mineral ratios, correcting the oxidation rate and much more.

It is hard to write about because it is so profound so I hope that I have done a good job in explaining what it is to the reader.

Deep healing is a very profound process.  It focuses on more than causing health and is also concerned with a persons life style, relationships, working situation and more.
Whats more, deep healing does not stop at these other factors. It’s highest aim is to cause the spiritual development of the human being.  This is none other than realising your very highest potential which is a lot more than people currently recognise. 

As people experience deep healing, fundamental shifts will not only occur on the inside, but will in fact occur on the outside as well.  This is because the “outer” is simply a reflection of the “inner” and as one improves so does the other and this is why this process is so exciting!


Start a development programme today

 A development programme consists of getting a hair mineral analysis.  From this a specific supplement and dietary plan can be put together and recommendations on procedures can also be made.  This is outlined in PDF format and explained in a 1 hour consultation.


What does it involve?

A development programme involves making some changes to ones life.  We recommend specific diets, procedures and a healing lifestyle.

Who is development for?

A development programme has many wonderful benefits and requires discipline and commitment.  It is not for everyone however.  Click to read more.

Disclaimer: All information on this website is only the opinion of the The Deeply Healed Human Ltd and for educational purposes only. Development science and nutritional balancing are methods to reduce stress on the body and help people reach their full potential.  They are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary.