What is development science?

© Introduction to development science.  Author James Davies.

Note – This is a very short article regarding what development is and what it involves. It has been inspired by the articles found on www.drlwilson.com. I would strongly recommend that the reader follows the link below to read about 20 more articles about development and what it is so that you get a clearer picture of what this site is offerring.



Development science is the study of the non-tangible or spiritual aspects of the human being and the application of various methods which activate this potential in a safe, effective and quick manner.

This particular science has been around for many years although it is not known by this name. For millennia many people have sought to develop themselves and is written about in a few texts such as Autobiography of a Yogi and The Mutant message from down under and a few others.

In these texts it describes human beings that have amazing abilities and characteristics beyond what most people are used to from people.

These abilities are more spiritual in nature and range from telepathy over long distances, amazing healing abilities, superior health and intelligence, greater compassion and much more.

The idea of development comes from the fact that far from being simply flesh and bone, human beings are primarily spiritual beings and have many non-tangible aspects about them that are latent in most. This is actually our un-activated genetic potential which most scientists call “junk DNA”.

It is given this name because scientists do not know the reason for their existence, mainly because they will not accept human beings are spiritual in nature. Many people suspect though that there is more to life than eating, sleeping, working and pro-creating and they are correct.

This article will attempt to give the reader a basic understanding of development science, what it can help you achieve and the basic potential that exists within all humans, including yourself. It will also give you an brief idea about how to activate this potential within yourself using a development programme.



The idea of development in our society is not so uncommon and many people strive to improve themselves in many various ways.

Some seek to shape their bodies through exercise, others develop their intellectual skills through study and others access certain creative skills through the pursuit of art.

All these activities express and develop a certain aspect of the human being and can be beneficial and fun in many ways, however the are all limited to development of the physical body and the intellectual and creative mind which is only a small part of our full potential.

Development science is simply a way of expanding this untapped potential beyond physical and intellectual attributes. Beyond these qualities each and every human has vast potential, however it is not physical in nature.

Many people realise this to varying degrees, and this is part of the reason for the existence of various religions and spiritual pathways that many beings have sought to use to realise these special aspects of themselves.

Overall though, the going has been slow, and up until this point in time information regarding how to develop oneself quickly has been kept secret, so only a few people have gone through with it.

At this current time however, there is a rising surge of people in the world that are now becoming interested in developing themselves spiritually.

It is part of a huge shift in the consciousness of people on planet earth that will hopefully lead to a more prosperous and joyous existence for all it’s inhabitants and is the reason that so many are now becoming interested in spiritual texts, mindfulness , yoga and healthy eating.\THE BASICS

Development science can be hard to describe, the reason being is that it involves activation the many aspects of the human potential (in fact all of them) which exist as a possibility for all of human beings. Our potential is in fact unlimited, so writing about it is a challenge. This article will however attempt to give the basics.

A round up of the essential aspects of development:

  • An activation of the FULL genetic potential of the human being. This goes far beyond formulation of cells needed to help us survive and rebuild, but genes that are needed to develop the non-physical aspects of the human being like the chakra system for instance.
  • A shift in identification from the physical body or body-mind, to identification with the spiritual non-physical self. This transforms the whole person into a spiritual being rather than a purely physical one.
  • The “etheric reset” of the body. This means development increases the bodies ability to take in more etheric energy. This energy is also called “chi”, “prana”, “life force energy” and many other names in different cultures. It is a unseen energy, however is exists in abundance in the Universe and can be brought into the body in larger and larger amounts. This brings many benefits including better health, feeling unconditionally loved, wonderful insights and much more.
  • The opening of the chakras, which are a set of 7 energy points or funnels that run along the midline of the body. They are related to different characteristics of human beings. For instance, the 1st chakra which is the lowest of the chakras on the body is related to survival and the crown or 7th chakra is on the top of the head and is related to our connection with God or Source.
  • Development of the Merkaba, plumes and etheric bodies. These are some of the many non-physical parts of the human being that can be developed with a development programme. They all bring varying and special abilities to a person.
  • A vast increase in health and wellness which has not yet been experienced by many people on earth. We call this “extreme wellness”.
  • The unfolding of the true gifts of a person and their wonderful personality and a falling away of all that is not really them.
  • A increase in the focus of service to God or Source and service to humanity.




The physical body is simply an amazing orchestration of cellular structures which work together in a synthesised manner to create the physical part of the human being. It is so complex that no one will ever fully understand everything that there is to know about it and it is possibly the greatest creation that exists in the whole of the entire Universe.

Although it is complex in it’s functioning, it is actually simple in it’s operation. It not only has many abilities that can be carried out in the physical, such as exercising, driving or dancing for instance, with it exists the crowning aspect of mankind, the human brain.

The brain gives us the ability to analyse, assess, create literature, write poems, express our emotional selves and much more. Therefore, many experiences are possible when the body is used in a rather physical way, and this is part of what makes having a body fun and interesting.

This, in itself means that it is a gift to have a human body and brain. This is not where it ends however, as our potential goes far beyond this.



Even though it is true that it is a gift to have a human body for just these reasons, most people think that it’s potential end’s with it’s purely physical, creative, and emotional/thinking functions. Through identification with the body most believe that life is purely about survival, earning a living, having a family and then finally dying.

Development science comes from the viewpoint that the human body is actually a creation of God or The One that exists as a communication device to extend the love of the creator into the physical realm.

It is a device that souls (which we believe exists), that are intangible and mysterious in their nature, can have a physical experience and learn many things about itself as a result.

The human body therefore offers the soul a tangible experience that it would not otherwise be able to have, and in return the soul offers the body a non-physical experience.

Along with this, the body has many abilities related to it’s non-physical purpose that most lay dormant in the majority of people because diet, toxicity, trauma and other reasons that make it so.

Because of this much of the genetic potential of the body remains dormant as they need certain nutrients and conditions to be switched on.



For ease of understanding, this article will split development into 3 parts. These 3 parts represent 3 aspects that occur as part of spiritual development.

1-ID Shift

If any appreciable amount of development is to occur a shift of ID must happen. This is from the mis-identification that I am this physical body, and to the identification of being pure awareness or a spiritual being.

Development involves a shift in the identification of the person in question. Most people think they are just the body and identify with the body-mind or what is otherwise referred to as the ego in spiritual texts. This is the main mind set of most people who exist in the world today.

Instead of being identified as a unlimited spiritual being who cannot die, most live from the mindset of fear, which comes through this false identification. It is the thought that I am a separate isolated body, cut off from all of creation, that I only get one life, I need to compete with others to survive, there is no God or anything beyond physicality etc etc.

This is the real cause of all the suffering that goes on in the world today.

Development involves a continual shift from being identified with the ego, to the realisation that I am a spiritual being, one with all of creation and the creator and am loved all the time no matter what. I cannot die, and I am simply here to have an experience with a human body and extend my love through it.

This experience is one that cannot be put into words as it has to be experienced as real rather than known through concept. However, all people who go through this shift experience less fear and more unconditional love for the self and for others, felt oneness with the whole of creation and have peak experiences of enlightenment.

It continues with the continuous letting go of being run by the ego or fearful self, and letting the loving mysterious self take over the job of day to day living!

These are just a small portion of the experiences one has when the identification with the true self is rekindled.


Along with a shift in identity, those who go through development begin to discover that there is a type of energy in the universe that is unseen, though can be felt and can be brought into the body mainly through various energy centres, otherwise known as the chakras.

This energy is often referred to as “etheric energy”, but also goes by the names chi, prana, orgone and life-force energy. Ether is a subtle energy that exists all around us and actually permeates all things. It is needed for all of creation and is actually the foundation which underlies all that we can see.

It cannot be seen, and to the authors knowledge cannot be measured yet, so many people doubt it’s existence, however it certainly does exist and it can be brought into the body in large quantities if the right methods are used.

When this is done etheric energy causes many wonderful things to happen for anyone who wishes for it. These include:

  • Opening & development of the chakra system – As stated previously in the article, all human beings have 7 chakras, which are really etheric energy centres, that run along the midline of the body. Development causes them to open wider and to spin in the correct direction, become brighter and less clogged up and
  • Development of the spiritual bodies – There exist 7 “subtle bodies” that all human beings can develop. These are bodies that are less dense that the physical body and are made of various types of energy waves and etheric substance.
  • Development of the Merkaba – This is also know as a “vehicle of light” which only a few have developed in the history of the earth. It forms double tetrahedron shape and grows in size as one develops and brings many benefits to that person.
  • Others – Smaller chakras on various points of the body like the elbows open and spin, the side channels which are etheric channels down the side of the body open up and development of the plumes which are shafts of light energy.

Many spiritual people do not actually develop themselves to the fullest extent. Many of them go on the journey of waking up and realising that they are not simply bodies but unlimited beings. Many are awakening to this reality today. This is the start of development and the beginning of a more spiritually based world.

Even so, many of these people still do not develop their bodies to a significant extent compared to what is possible.

This is not through any fault of their own, but simply because modern information about development has not be circulated widely yet, and also there is an attempt by a group of beings who exist of this planet which set out to prevent people from developing themselves. They essentially cause the planet to be a certain way so development is harder to achieve.



It seems that when a person is healthy in body and is in touch with their spiritual essence they have a very natural inclination toward being in service. It is like the human being is designed to be in service and this is exactly what happens when a person becomes happy and healthy again.

Development brings out the many God given gifts that are everyones birthright to discover, enjoy and share with others. Not all these gifts are the same, and what somebodies gifts are depend upon what their particular covenant with the creator is.

Service means to extend your love and the gifts you have received from the creator to others, in a way that will benefit them as human beings. It is as if our hearts truest desire is to be in service to anything or anyone that may that our service may help.

Some may be drawn to helping animals while other may want to be of service to the scientific community. This all depends on ones gifts. If one is already happy in service then development will enhance their love and bring even more gifts to be shared with others.

Either way, anyone who goes on a development programme will eventually discover the loving desire to be of service in whatever way they feel is suited to their own gifts.

This brings many, many benefits which are hard to describe and the service that a person gives will be returned to them in many ways.



The above are only a part of many other effects that development has upon a person, some others are:

  • Increased energy levels.
  • More happiness and joy in ones daily life.
  • More wisdom and maturity and an ability to make better choices in ones daily life.
  • Personality development – This is when a persons personality blossoms in a beautiful way. They seem to just be a more loving and gentle being who is easier to get along with.
  • Younger looks and a younger feeling body.
  • Enhanced brain function – This is because development programmes rid the brain and body of trauma, increase nutrients that the brain needs, reduce toxins in the brain and body and heighten awareness.
  • Better ability to withstand stressful situations.
  • Much better health levels and a higher resistance to disease.
  • Better ability to receive guidance.
  • Esoteric abilities such as telepathy or ability to see energy fields around a person and enhancement of mental abilities such as increased ability to process and retain information.
  • A longer life, in fact if you develop enough you apparently live for as long as you wish in the body as the regeneration of it becomes easier.



Development science, as described on this website, takes from much of the ancient wisdom regarding development and combines it with newer modern sciences which enhance and speed up this process. These concepts are synthesised in a special way so that they all work together to cause deep healing and regeneration of the body and then go onto cause development.

This is mainly applied through nutritional methods and some procedures that we recommend. One of these procedures is a type of mental exercise which brings in a lot of etheric energy into the body. This works with the rest of the programme which prepares the body to take on more etheric energy. This is one example of how all parts work toward the same goal.

The programme was originally known as nutritional balancing, which was a way used by many to drastically improve their, but now has evolved to cause something even grander than very good health (although this is still a great benefit that development science offers).

It is a programme which is continually evolving as research into the most effective ways to develop are discovered. It is also designed to combat the problems of the 21st century which prevent development such as pollution, EMF technology, poor levels of nutrients in food and more.

This is not a feature of many other spiritual practices because most are based on ancient methods that have not been updated for our quite unusual times.

It is therefore helping many people get to a place in their development that would have otherwise taken a lot longer with older methods.



Development is actually none other than the fulfilment of the greatest aspects of being human. This has been shown to us by other beings that have come before us and performed amazing feats such as healing with touch and performance of miracles.

Jesus was one of these people and performed many feats that were unimaginable by most people at the time of his coming. He went on to say:

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father”

Many take this to mean that all of us have these abilities that help us do much good in the world and heal others, we just have to desire them enough and follow the correct path and it will happen.

Ultimately, development is a pathway and a way of life and is actually a rather specific process that is built into the human genetic code that continues in a step by step way or in stages.

It is also rather peculiar in the sense that when one goes on a development programme, things will start happening in that persons life that support their development. This is because everyone who develops gets support from unseen beings.

In this sense, development is really the pathway to becoming a master of the Universe and becoming a being who co-creates reality and has a greater command of life. With these abilities we are able to have much more of an influence in life and can do much good.



  • There is not need to go to spiritual groups to have development occur, development can be done easily from ones own home. This is a lot more safer and less stressful.
  • It is actually a scientific process and is not to be confused with much of what is said about “spiritualism”. It involves a set scientific principles that are applied in specific ways.
  • It is a long process and the hardest part is the start, so get going now as the sooner you do the sooner you can enjoy the real benefits.
  • It requires commitment, discipline and faith to see one through the challenges that occur on all spiritual paths.
  • It is yours and everyones birthright to go through this wonderful process. Everyone will go through it eventually as it is the next step in the evolution of humanity.
  • It is sometimes a bumpy ride as toxins and traumas surface to be gotten rid of, however it is a very safe process because it involves a clean and nutritious diet and lots of rest.
  • It is not for everyone so if you are interested, make sure you read up and are prepared for what is involves.
  • It requires supervision of a practitioner especially at first.
  • It is the most fulfilling pursuit that there is in life and is the ultimate adventure in discovering who you are and the truth about life.



The idea of development is not a new one, and had been around since ancient times as people around the world have sought to have a more fulfilling life beyond what the usual status quo offers.

Saying this, it has not been a largely popular notion, with most people ignoring or disbelieving that various aspects of development are true.

Thankfully enough, many more people are becoming interested in it in increasing numbers and this comes at a time where there is a great shift taking place on earth. Therefore it is no accident that more people are interested. Also this shift is making it easier for all beings to develop themselves, so things are only going to get easier.

The programme offered on this website is probably the most sophisticated and effective way to develop oneself, at least the author is yet to come across something better. It is therefore offered with pleasure to anyone who is interested in starting development or in developing themselves further

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What does it involve?

A development programme involves making some changes to ones life.  We recommend specific diets, procedures and a healing lifestyle.

Who is development for?

A development programme has many wonderful benefits and requires discipline and commitment.  It is not for everyone however.  Click to read more.

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