About The Deeply Healed Human


About this website

This website is dedicated to the potential within every being and the experience of fullness that is possible for everyone.

The initial healing programme was created by a brilliant mineral researcher called Dr Paul Eck. His picture is on the right and the the author of this site considers him “The Einstein of nutrition” because of the breakthroughs he made in this field. His work was truly a quantum leap for the healing sciences but is still largely unknown. Part of this websites aim is to spread this work.

It has also been inspired by the articles found on www.drlwilson.com and is a portal so that anyone interested in deep healing and development can get access to a personal programme and the guidance and experience of James. Dr Wilson was Dr Eck’s right hand man for many years and has expanded his work so it’s become safer and more effective.


James Davies – Development Practitioner

My name is James Davies. I am am a nutritional balancing/development practitioner who works with people who wish to improve their health and anyone who wishes for support and guidance in developing themselves in a spiritual way.

I have been trained as a practitioner in development science for 7 years now and have worked with a number of people and have been on a development programme for over 9 years.

In this time I have become very interested in the spiritual aspects of the programme and have also had experience with various patterns.

All these patterns I have had experience with in my own healing and development and it is my pleasure to offer this special programme to anyone who wishes to heal deeply and discover their gifts and potential as a human being.

How I work

Every human being however is different not only in the diet and supplements they need but also how all this information is applied to their life. Understand this and know it is about working together so that we can both see true results that hopefully last a lifetime.


By being a good listener and a keen investigator, I am able to ask targeted questions and use my awareness of the wealth of support materials and knowledge from study so that you get personalised recommendations and a consultation service that is completely relevant to you.


Why do you recommend taking food supplements?

There are many reasons why food supplements have become an important part of becoming healthy today.  These include:

  • A depleted food supply due to over farming, food transport and fertiliser use.
  • Higher stress levels than ever before.
  • A higher amount of toxins circulating in our environment.
  • Poor nutritional status that people are born with.
  • Poor digestion which makes it necessary to give people high doses for proper absorption.
  • Supplements are able to give highly specific and precise amounts of certain vitamins and minerals.  This is not possible with food.
  • These are just a few of the many reasons that taking carefully picked and measured supplements are a good idea.  For more on this topic please read this excellent article by Dr L Wilson:
  • http://drlwilson.com/Articles/SUPPS-WHY%20TAKE.HTM
How many supplements will I need to take and how much will it cost?

The answer to this question depends on the results of your hair mineral analysis. Most people need about 7-10 targeted supplements, though you can lessen the amount by eating 3/4 cans of sardines a week, which will provide you with enough omega 3 and vitamin d. The cost can vary anywhere between £100-£140 per month if you take them 3 times. You can reduce this cost by taking the supplements only 2 times a day which will slow your progress a little.

What supplements do you recommend and where are they from?

We recommend using the supplements provided by Endo-met Laboratories, the supplement arm of ARL Laboratories. They produce a specially formulated line of vitamin and mineral supplements designed to help balance body chemistry. They are top quality, effective products, and are free of gluten, soy, wheat, whey and yeast. For more information please see their web page:


Hair mineral analysis

Why do you recommend taking re tests?

Re-tests are very important in development science. The reason for continual re-evaluation is because your body chemistry will inevitably shift if all recommendations on your programme are followed. This means that the current programme may not be working optimally and could actually be pushing in the wrong direction. A new test will allow us to see what changes have taken place, and adjust your healing program effectively.

How often will I need a retest?

This depends on the results, at first we usually recommend having retest every 3/4 months . Once the body has stabilised a bit subsequent tests can be between 4-6 months.

Why use hair tests instead of blood tests?

As hair is a soft tissue it means we can asses the cellular health of the body, this is important because health is dependent on the optimum functioning of the bodies cells. Reading mineral levels is easier to do than with a hair test because the average level of minerals is 10 times higher, this also gives a truer level of minerals because blood nutrient levels are always maintained at in equilibrium the expense of the tissues.

How do I take a proper hair sample?

Hair sampling is easy.  To make it easier and to make sure you get the correct amount you will be sent a hair sampling pack with some measuring scales with instructions on the correct sampling procedure.  You can also visit this link to find out how to sample properly :


Can hair tissue analysis really provide a mineral blueprint of my body?

The vast majority of biochemical functions take place in the body’s cells. Most cells cannot easily be accessed without invasive procedures, but the cells of the hair are readily available, and extensive research has shown a reliable relationship between the level of minerals in the hair and those of other tissues in the body. Analysis, therefore, of the mineral content of your hair can be used to provide a general blueprint of the mineral activity in the rest of your body.

What company is used to do the hair mineral analysis?

We use Analytical Research Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona. ARL are the pioneers and leaders of the hair mineral analysis industry in terms of the technology, research and quality of supplementation they use. For more information about them see their website:


The most important aspect of using this lab is that they do not wash the hair sample at the lab, which is the correct sampling procedure. Unfortunately they are 1 of only 2 labs in the world that process the hair sample correctly, which is why we have to send all samples to the United


Do you do your consultations face to face?

Due to the fact that a hair sample can be taken so easily and then sent to the labs directly it means that face to face consultations are no longer necessary. It also saves time for both me and my clients and also costs which I can then pass on.


Do you provide your service to international individuals?

Development programmes are based on hair mineral analysis and can therefore be set up for any individual where ever they are in the world.  I mainly work with people in the UK and Europe.


What will my nutritional balancing program include?

 Your programme will include a brief interpretation of your results and dietary, supplement, lifestyle and detoxifiaction recommendations based on your hair mineral analysis results.  You can choose as to whether you would like a telephone or Skype consultation or for your consultation to be recorded onto a CD.  Included in the price is 30 mins worth of follow up calls and e-mails.

If you would like a lab report from Analytical research labs this is a possibility but is not necessary and will cost a little extra. If you would like this please get in contact before  purchasing a programme.


How long will it take for me to receive my development programme?

It usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks to receive your program from the time it was sent.  This is because the sample needs to get to the U.S, be analysed then sent back to me so I can build a programme with Dr Wilson.  

The Development Programme

How long will it take for me to see results?

Usually most people start getting results straight away. However the deep healing and development  involves re mineralisation of the body, correction of biochemistry and detoxing (toxins and negative emotions).  This usually takes 5 years +. For some people it may take 10 or 20 years.  This depends on the state of health when beginning a programme and many other factors like age and lifestyle. To read more about this see :


This is because most people today are so worn out and toxic and have been this way for some time. If you have been living a healthy life beforehand it may not take so long, but this is rare.

Generally the longer one has been ill and the severity of the illness will determine how long it will take to get better again. Other factors that some into play are age, environment, how much of the program one does, if one does the detox procedures (these will increase you progress by up to 100 times faster than not doing them according to Dr Wilson) and other factors. Some people seem to respond well to just doing the diet and supplements, while others really need the procedures desperately. This is very individualised.

And when I say “better” I do not mean just average health, I mean excellent health a fully functioning mind and a happy self. It is best not to set goals in terms of when you will be better, this can be painful because the body often has different ideas. Do your best each day with the programme and honour the signals that your body is giving to you such as resting more. This will quicken the pace of your recovery more than anything. Soon enough you will be following this programme like a pro and well on your way to really good health for the rest of your life!

What are healing reactions?

Healing reactions are temporary flare ups of symptoms as toxins, infections and other latent conditions are removed and healed by the body.  They can surface as headaches, sore throats, fatigue, anger, anxiety and other usually minor occurrences.  They are actually welcome signs of healing that all people who follow a nutritional program for long enough look forward to.

Sometimes however they can become quite intense for instance when someone is releasing a hidden trauma. When a healing reaction becomes to much, please contact me, as the program can usually be adjusted slightly reduce the intensity.


What if I am taking medications?

We do not recommend stopping your medication without first consulting the prescribing physician.

As long as you make us fully aware of any medication you are taking, this can be taken into account and usually will not affect your program. Our aim is for you to reduce and finally eliminate most medication. However, this has to be done with the authorisation of your doctor or GP.



What symptoms does a development programme treat?

Development programmes do not treat specific symptoms, it is a whole health system that seeks to gently balance the body chemistry. When this is done we find the body is able to heal most symptoms by itself.  The aim of all programmes is to initiate development of the human being, this requires high levels of health so good health is a benefit of development.