Nutritional Balancing and the new paradigm shift.

© Author James Davies.  March 2019

There is a paradigm shift that is happening on earth at the moment which has to do with the way we look at health.  I really hope that it will lead to high levels of health for each individual that wishes to lead a fuller wellness based lifestyle.

Nutritional balancing encompasses this shift in many ways.  Below is a table to show the old paradigm and what the new paradigm is at the  bringing forth at the moment.

Symptom & illness based  Wellness based
Research focus is done on disease e.g The study of cancerous cells. Research focus is on health & wellness – e.g. The study of what a healthy cell is in reality.
Remedy based – Prescribing remedy for a “disease” Balancing based – Using food/supplements etc to balance body chemistry.
Reliant largely on knowledge of prescribing practitioner Reliant largely on specific interpretation of HMA and healing intelligence of body as well as knowledge of practitioner.
Works well for trauma care, surgery & infectious disease care but not well for chronic disease such as diabetes. Works well for chronic disease such as diabetes but only well as a supportive measure with surgery and trauma care not immediate relief.
More short term based and only heals “on the surface” More medium to long term based and works at deep levels in the body.
Waiting until a disease or symptoms occurs and then starts treatment.  Symptoms are seen as something to be eliminated. Largely preventative due to being able to detect imbalances in biochemistry that are related to certain diseases long before the disease develops. Symptoms are seen as “messages”.
Sometimes toxic and invasive, especially when drugs are used for treatment. Less toxic and less invasive dues to being able to use a HMA for assessment.
Treats the parts of the body rather than the whole system. Treats the system as a whole rather than many of its different parts.
Promotes “health in the form of a pill or supplement” or “the magic pill mentality” kind of attitudes.  More tailored toward the victim mentality. Promotes day in and day out responsibility for ones own health.  More tailored towards the sovereign mentality.
Linear in it’s thinking, one cause, one effect type thinking.  e.g. This germs causes this disease Non-linear, multiple-cause, multiple-effect thinking. E.g. The bodies inability to properly resist this germ is a sign that the persons ability to resist disease is low because their lifestyle, energy levels & diet etc are out of balance.
Health is a absence of disease Health is a high level of resistance to disease
Views the human as an essentially tangible set of parts that are subject to physical laws with no spiritual qualities. Views the human partly as a physical being but mainly as a spiritual being who’s body is subject to physical laws but soul/spirit is subject to spiritual laws.







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What does it involve?

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Disclaimer: All information on this website is only the opinion of the The Deeply Healed Human Ltd and for educational purposes only. Development science and nutritional balancing are methods to reduce stress on the body and help people reach their full potential.  They are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary.