1 x properly performed hair mineral analysis from Analytical Research Lab’s (ARL) Not all hair mineral analysis samples are treated in the same way so when it comes to the lab that is used to put together a nutritional programme, ARL is hands down the no. 1 place for analysis. ARL process the hair sample correctly which means they DO NOT wash the hair sample at the lab.  This prevents any minerals, which are vital to keep in the hair sample, to be washed out and  scupper the results and therefore the accuracy of the nutritional recommendations. All hair samples are analysed using the most up to date equipment (the Perkin Elmer Elan 9000 ICP Mass Spectrometer) and results are presented in a easy to read mineral graph which displays the levels of  20 nutritive and toxic minerals. All of this provides the practitioners which use ARL an accurate blueprint of their clients current biochemistry so they can go on to make nutritional  recommendations regarding diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes with total confidence and reassurance that their advice is based on the individuals needs.  Optional – 1 x Lab Hair mineral analysis interpretation booklet (PDF) While this option is not necessary in order to be able to put together a nutritional balancing programme, you can also purchase a comprehensive lab report based on your hair mineral analysis results. This report which was designed by the original creator of nutritional balancing, Dr Paul Eck, includes detailed information regarding one’s metabolic rate, immune system functioning, energy levels, stage of stress and also comes with personal dietary recommendations designed to balance your mineral bio-chemistry. It certainly makes interesting reading and will give you a deeper and more technical understanding of your hair mineral results. Access to the sites members area – All areas are covered here!  The client area contains all the information you need to get started on your nutritional programme in an easy to access way that allows you to choose the way that you learn. Initially, before we get your results back the members area will include a generic programme for you so that you get started on the road to great health and energy straight away. This is a valuable time which allows you to get used to lifestyle and dietary changes needed for your healing to occur before your consultation with James.  In the members area, all information regarding all that you need to get yourself back to tip top shape will be given in the following formats: Video recordings – These will include videos with important information regarding how to follow your programme properly.  Video’s on diet, supplementation, lifestyle, healing reactions are included as well as some individualised videos discussing various patterns which show up on your hair analysis.  PDF’S – If you learn better through reading information, you will be able to download written material in PDF format so that it will be available to you whenever you need it. Downloadable audio files – These will be recordings of the videos which you will be able to listen to on any audio devices you have so you can listen to them wherever you want to.  Other audio support from different sources is available as well. Recommended articles – There exists an abundance of written support from different people which is presented in the form of internet articles.  A round up of the best and most helpful articles will be listed in the members areas.  One’s which are more relevant to yourself will be recommended to yourself.  A chat with James – 1 x 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation  The main point of the consultation is to sit down with James and discuss any concerns or confusions that you have so that you can be sure that you are following the programme exactly as you should be. After your results have been received James will put together your own personlised nutritional programme which will be provided to you in PDF format a few days before your consultation.  This will be posted in your personal members area so that you will get the chance to  read the results, process the information and formulate any questions you may have ready for your consultation. All consultations can be done either on telephone or video call (such as Skype).  They will be recorded as well, so you can go back and listen to it again. While it is preferable that you have a live chat with James,  it is also possible to get a recording of you consultation sent to you in audio or video format should you wish. Face to face? – At this time James does not provide a face to face consultation service. Ongoing support while you are on the programme This process is not about shoving all this information in your face and expecting you to get on with it! Yes, the aim is for you to eventually be self sufficient and responsible when it comes to looking after your own health, however it takes time to get used to a new lifestyle, way of eating and way of life in general. For this reason and more you will be provided ongoing support in the form of e-mails, short telephone and video calls which is ongoing until you feel like you no longer need much support any longer. READY TO GET STARTED? – CALL TO ACTION